Just imagine: It’s Father’s Day. Your dad slides out of bed and looks out the window to see a brand-new Hyundai Kona in the driveway. He gleefully runs downstairs, a kid on Christmas morning. It’s a perfect gift for a perfect father.


Snap back to reality: It’s Father’s Day. Your dad wakes up and sees a card attached to a poorly wrapped package that contains a tie and shoelaces. Oh, boy, what a present!

Don’t be that child. Instead, prepare for Father’s Day by buying your dad a nice gift early. It doesn’t even need to be a new SUV or car – a thoughtful accessory for his vehicle is plenty for most dads, yours included. (That’s June 16, 2019, by the way.)

1. Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror

Perhaps one of the coolest Hyundai accessories or add-ons in existence, this rearview mirror automatically dims to cut glare from bright LED headlights. It includes a compass and integrates with BlueLink and HomeLink, the latter of which allows to operate the garage door and activate house lights and appliances with the click of a button. Best of all, it can be installed on most new Hyundai SUVs and sedans, including Dad’s much-adored Kona.

Sound like a Father’s Day gift Dad would like? If you’re in the South Florida area, reach out to our Braman Hyundai Parts Store in Miami. We’ll help you place an order and schedule the installation of a Hyundai mirror with HomeLink and BlueLink. (We promise to keep your gift a secret!)


Photo: www.wacaco.com

2. Nanopresso

Is your dad always in need of a pick-me-up cup of coffee? This tiny, travel-sized espresso machine will be his savior on any long trip or Monday morning commute to work.

Entirely portable and as elegant as Italy itself, the Nanopresso is an essential car gadget for any addict of the coffee bean. Just 6 inches tall, and featuring a 261-psi pump, Nanopresso holds just enough water to fill up its 2.7-oz detachable cup with Dad’s do-work fuel. When he gets back home from an arduous day at work, Dad can simply pop off the cap to rinse the filter and compartment. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Ensure Dad has a good excuse to use the cupholders in his Hyundai Kona for actual cups, not loose change and granola bar wrappers. Just $65 – that’s the ideal price range for a Father’s Day gift – will get you a Nanopresso machine through www.wacaco.com.


3. USB Ice Cube Air Conditioner

That Miami humidity and heat can be absolutely brutal. If your pop sweats through every shirt he owns, he might need a break from the summer heat. Get him a portable A/C unit that’s powered by ice cubes. Cool air from this USB-powered device is pushed out in all directions, offering Dad and his ‘pits that well-deserved respite from the sweat. Plus, because it operates without a compressor or Freon, it’s eco-friendly and highly efficient.

Italian-made Geizeer A/C boxes can be purchased through www.idea3di.com for less than $150.


Furbo Dog Camera

As much as you’d like to be Dad’s best friend, you can’t replace his canine partner in crime. If your father treats his dog like a king or queen, he’ll love to have a Furbo Dog Camera. When he’s at work, the bowling alley, or grocery store, he can check in on his four-legged BFF through the Furbo app. Best of all, the Furbo system allows Dad to talk and even toss doggie treats out to his Good Boy.

Furbo dog cameras are amazing little gizmos that any pop-and-pup duo would love. Check their website to purchase or review details and pricing.


Photo: www.thinkgeek.com

Star Wars BB-8 Car USB Charger

Beep beep bop beep beep. Beep boop beep! Boop.

Translation: Dads who understand Droidspeak need this cute BB-8 car charger device. This tiny replica wags its head and goes beep-boop when smartphones or devices are plugged in and charging. Featuring two USB charging ports, this BB-8 is certainly the droid Dad is looking for.

This Father’s Day, spend $15 and allow your dad to be a nerd. Buy this Star Wars car charger at thinkgeek.com.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A New Hyundai

Should your dad require a nicer, rust-free vehicle to reliably get him from A to B, Father’s Day is the perfect time for an upgrade. Consider buying him an affordable Hyundai SUV like the new Santa Fe or a hybrid car like the award-winning Ioniq. And with our special Father’s Day Hyundai deals, we make it easy to save money on your dad this June! Visit our Braman Hyundai, your trusted Miami Hyundai dealership, at 2001 NE 2nd Ave or call our Hyundai sales team at (786) 623-4261 for assistance. Happy shopping.


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