Summer is just around the corner -- and for many, that can mean warm weather, long road trips, and hot, dusty driving conditions. If you combine the intense heat of summer with an under-serviced car and a long drive, you have a recipe for a breakdown, an expensive bill, and a damaged engine. To help you avoid potential problems, we’ve put together the ultimate summer 2020 auto maintenance checklist. 

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Keep up to date on your oil changes.

AAA Automotive reports that while older cars require an oil change every 3,000 miles, newer cars can drive much farther between service. Depending upon the age of your vehicle and the type of synthetic oil it uses, the oil may need to be changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles -- or longer.  Regardless of when your oil needs to be changed, in summer weather it is particularly important to monitor your oil level monthly, topping it off when necessary. 

Get your tires checked. 

Keeping enough air pressure in your tires is another must for any time of the year, and particularly during the summer if your car is being used for long-distance travel. Be sure to also check the tread level, and keep your tires properly rotated. If you missed rotating your tires per your car's maintenance schedule, they may be balding, making it necessary to get a fresh set of tires before you hit the road this summer. 

Have your radiator checked.

Dave Roos, contributor to HowStuffWorks, tells us that neglecting radiator maintenance can result in your car overheating and can cause costly damage. Issues that can lead to radiator damage include cracked hoses, broken or loose belts, leaks, or a missing or loose radiator cap. If the temperature gets too hot, the article explains, some metal parts may melt and fuse together, wreaking havoc on your vehicle.

Get your battery tested. 

The AAA Exchange emphasizes how important it is to keep your battery fully charged so that it can withstand the summer heat and long road trips. In addition, AAA adds, today's high-tech vehicles place more demands on your vehicle's battery than ever. The battery is responsible for supplying electrical current to start the car, providing power to electrical accessories when the engine is off, and delivering extra current when the charging system needs help handling the electrical loads while the vehicle is in operation. 

Have your AC checked. 

Finally, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) reminds us that a marginally operating AC system is most likely to fail during summer. Get the coolant checked and make sure there are no cracks, leaks, clogs, or other problems in your AC system.  And check your owner's manual to keep up with the part and coolant replacement intervals for your AC system.

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