Buying a Used Car Online: Good or Bad Idea?

Carvana vs Dealership.jpeg
You know someone who knows someone whose cousin bought a used car online, and they had great things to say about their experience. But is that the norm? Should you really consider buying a used vehicle over the internet based on one anecdote?

As you begin researching your options and figuring out how to buy a used car online from places like Carvana, Vroom or other internet retailers, ensure you're not pushing all-in too early. Here are some very important things to consider before you roll the "Carvana vs. Dealership" dice.

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How to Protect Your Vehicle from USB Car Theft

Kia Challenge Car Theft Protection.jpeg
It seems like every year, social media introduces us to a new "internet challenge."  Some of them are good -- the Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $115 million for ALS research. Others are not so good, including 2022's TikTok trend, the "Kia Challenge."

While it may sound innocent, the "Kia Challenge" is anything but. Essentially, the challenge calls for thieves to steal Kia vehicles by easily exploiting a vulnerability in their design. The kicker? The only equipment thieves need are screwdrivers and a USB cable. Here are 9 ways to prevent USB car theft.
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Headlight Bulb Types: LED vs. Xenon vs. Halogen

Headlight Bulb Types at Braman Miami

You may not use them all the time, but you’ll sure be glad you have them when one of those South Florida downpours rolls in.

There’s some confusion in the world of headlights, though. With so many different types, it can be hard to keep it all straight. What’s the best kind of headlight? What kind does my car have? Can I switch them out for something better? Are that guy’s bright pink headlights even legal?!

Here, we’ll give an overview of all the best types of headlights, and figure out which is right for…

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Family-Friendly July 4th Events in Miami (2022)

Family-Friendly July 4th Events in Miami

People outside of South Florida might hear "Miami" and think it's a glamorous, high-energy, adults-only city for partying and enjoying the nightlife. But apart from some parts of SoFlo (namely South Beach and Haulover), Miami's a surprisingly kid-friendly hotspot with fun food festivals, fabulous views, fantastic activities and – you guessed it – places for sunscreened families to soak up some rays.

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The Best Vehicles of 2022 (If They Were Superheroes)

Best Vehicles of 2022 in Miami, FL

Have you ever wondered what superpower you'd choose if given the opportunity? (The ability to absorb and retain any other power is the only correct answer, of course.) Well, we figured we'd kick it up a notch by aggressively tossing some Emeril Lagasse Bam! on that age-old question: What would our favorite vehicles' superpowers be?

Is this exercise practical? No. Does it serve a purpose other than to show off the best vehicles of 2022? No. Are you still going to read it because you're curious? Yes, obviously.

Without further ado, here are the Automotivengers™! *cue superhero…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Miami Food Festivals: 2022 Edition

Ultimate Guide to Miami Food Festivals

If you’ve got a tummy and will be in South Florida this year, you should consider making a trip to one of our amazing food festivals or events. The Miami area is home to so many types of cultures and cuisines, which makes it the perfect spot for foodies.

If you're wondering where the best food fests are in Miami this year, browse our enormous list of 2022 events below. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Pembroke Pines this summer or some fun event in South Beach this winter, we promise that there’s something…

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The Best Way to Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth

How Much Your Car is Worth in Miami, FL
Your car’s worth whatever someone will pay for it. A cheeky response? Sure, it may sound somewhat patronizing, but that doesn’t make it any less true! Your vehicle’s resale price will constantly vary based on your target buyers, the season, supply and demand, and perhaps most importantly, your location. Obviously, this can make it difficult to get an accurate trade-in estimate or resale value.
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CES 2022: The Coolest Vehicles & Car Tech

Best of CES 2022
Another year at CES in Vegas has come and gone, and despite being hamstrung by necessary health protocols, the spirit of innovation marched onward, with some of your favorite Braman brands and other companies unveiling their versions of game-changing tech. Here are a few of our favorites.
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Is Now the Perfect Time to Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Buy an Electric Vehicle in Miami, FL

A worldwide revolution is happening, and it’s impossible to ignore: The automotive industry’s massive shift toward green, alt-fuel vehicles that run either partially or completely on electric power.

Before you dive headfirst into EV-land, let’s look at the differences between electric vehicles and common eco-friendly cars like hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

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