10 Tips: How to Get Keys Out of a Locked Car

How to Get Keys Out of a Locked Car
Getting locked out of your car is a rite of passage. About 4 million people accidentally leave keys in their vehicles each year, which then leads to smashed windows or even arrests for attempting to break into their own cars.

With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, however, it's not impossible to safely get locked keys out of a vehicle. Here are 10 such ways to unlock a car door without breaking a sweat (or glass). 

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5 Best Dog Parks Near Miami, FL

Dog Friendly Beaches Miami.jpeg
Find yourself constantly in need of a place for your dog to play and get their pent-up energy out? Ever shown up to a beach just to find out dogs aren’t allowed? Just hate the only dog park near you? 

As a dog-parent, you're probably pretty protective of your furry child—and rightfully so. Not having access to a good, safe and accessible bark park or doggie playground can be a real downer to both you and your pup. Luckily, the South Florida area is awash with fun places for dogs to play, run, jump, roll around and…

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45 Family Road Trip Destinations: Miami to Key West

Family Road Trip Destinations South Florida.jpeg

Florida is and always has been the state families flock to for vacation, with Key West being a particularly great destination. It's got sun, oceans as far as the eye can see and island paradises peppering the coastline. Really, the entire South Florida coastline to Key West has everything a family could ask for, which is why millions of tourists visit every year.

Grab your (sand) bucket list and let's begin crossing off some items. Here are some of the coolest stops and South Florida destinations to take in on your 4-hour road trip to the Conch Republic…

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5 Reasons To Trade In Your Car In The New Year

Learn why your New Year's resolutions should include selling your old car and buying a new one.

Trade In Your Car In The New Year at Braman Miami

You know the saying: New year, new you. Once the calendar flips over, all your planned “big” life changes become reality. But how often do you accomplish your lofty New Year’s resolutions?

If you answered, “All the time,” maybe your failures have stemmed from a lack of a #treatyoself mantra. This year, your failure streak comes to an end…

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Will That Void Your Car Warranty?

Car Warranty Void.jpeg

Owning a vehicle means keeping up with routine maintenance is just part of life. But did you know that getting your vehicle serviced by an authorized dealer service center near you, especially at regular intervals, ensures your car warranty remains intact? 

Many people don’t realize that their car protection plan or warranty isn’t a “get out of jail free” card. Poor maintenance (or none at all) can cancel your coverage if the resulting damage is significantly out of scope from the norm. Here are other common reasons why car owners inadvertently void their warranty.

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2022's BIG List of Trunk-or-Treats in Hialeah FL

Trunk or Treat Hialeah FL.jpeg

While there are numerous safe neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in South Florida, including the areas listed here, some parents prefer an alternative route to giving their kids an (un)healthy dose of corn syrup. That alternative? Trunk-or-treats (or trick-or-trunks).

Wondering where you can go trunk-or-treating in Hialeah or around town? Get the family's costumes ready and hit up one of these trunk-or-treats or Halloween events near you! (And don't forget to browse these other South Florida Halloween activities.) 

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Buying a Used Car Online: Good or Bad Idea?

Carvana vs Dealership.jpeg
You know someone who knows someone whose cousin bought a used car online, and they had great things to say about their experience. But is that the norm? Should you really consider buying a used vehicle over the internet based on one anecdote?

As you begin researching your options and figuring out how to buy a used car online from places like Carvana, Vroom or other internet retailers, ensure you're not pushing all-in too early. Here are some very important things to consider before you roll the "Carvana vs. Dealership" dice.

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How to Protect Your Vehicle from USB Car Theft

Kia Challenge Car Theft Protection.jpeg
It seems like every year, social media introduces us to a new "internet challenge."  Some of them are good -- the Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $115 million for ALS research. Others are not so good, including 2022's TikTok trend, the "Kia Challenge."

While it may sound innocent, the "Kia Challenge" is anything but. Essentially, the challenge calls for thieves to steal Kia vehicles by easily exploiting a vulnerability in their design. The kicker? The only equipment thieves need are screwdrivers and a USB cable. Here are 9 ways to prevent USB car theft.
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