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Welcome to the Braman Miami Lease Return Center 

If the current car you drive is nearing its lease maturity date, know that you have plenty of options when it comes to car lease returns in Miami - at least when you do business with Braman!  

Our Braman car dealerships in Miami, FL are ready to assist you with all your end-of-lease questions. Looking to return a BMW lease or want to set up a new MINI lease? Want to end your Hyundai or Genesis lease early in order to finance a new Cadilac? Simply want to know how to return a leased vehicle? Visit or contact Braman Miami today to learn more about your car lease return options, which includes: 

1. Return a Car Lease and Walk Away 

When your lease matures, you can simply schedule a lease-end appointment to return your vehicle, then walk away. You will be subject to any fees as outlined in your lease contract, including charges for excess mileage, wear and tear/use, and disposition (turn-in) fees.

2. Return and Lease Another Vehicle 

If you like the leasing lifestyle - read more about the pros and cons of leasing vs. financing a car - you can keep that gravy train rolling by leasing another vehicle. When you re-lease, you'll oftentimes have your lease-end fees waived. That's the benefit of being a loyal customer, and it makes re-leasing the most popular option.

3. Return and Buy or Finance Another Vehicle 

You can also return your vehicle lease and purchase or get a car loan on a used vehicle or new model. Speak with your auto dealer to discuss waiving any excess auto lease fees.

4. Buy Out Your Lease 

Perhaps you really like your current leased vehicle. Great! You can keep it, even after your lease ends. Pay the pre-set residual value cost of the vehicle, which is outlined in your original contract, plus taxes and any state fees, and it's all yours.

A lease buyout can be a financially sound option if you drove over the lease's mileage limit, the vehicle has significant wear and tear, or the market dictates your car's resale value is worth more than its current residual value. 

5. Extend Your Car Lease 

As your lease maturity date approaches, you may need extra time to make repairs or find a new vehicle to buy or lease. In many cases, you can request an extension on your auto lease. These are short-term extensions (30 to 90 days) that make your life a little simpler. Monthly payments are typically carried over and may even eat into your vehicle's pre-set residual value cost, making the "lease buyout" option more appealing.

6. Return Your Car Lease Early 

Looking to get out of your lease early? If you must, you can terminate your auto lease ahead of its maturity date. However, it's important to remember that getting out of a car lease before maturity will cost you money, sometimes thousands of dollars.

If you think this is the best option for you, contact your leasing company. Our Miami auto dealers would also be happy to guide you through the lease-end process, step by step, to ensure a hassle-free return or help you figure out alternative solutions.

Of course, lease-end policies and options vary by automaker. Speak with anyone from our car dealerships near Aventura for more details.

Car Lease Return FAQs:

No matter if you want to know how to return your BMW lease or have questions about the Cadillac lease return process, a member of our sales or finance team will assist you. We also hope you'll read through some of the more common lease-end questions we've been asked.

What are my payment options?

If you have a final payoff amount you need to make on your lease, you can pay using a bank account, credit card, cash or by phone or mail. There may be additional fees depending on which form of payment you choose.

Do I have any additional fees? 

Possibly. If you accrued more miles than your lease terms permitted, then you may owe more money on top of your lease agreement. If the car you leased has more than typical wear and use damage, you may have to pay other fees. Contact Braman Miami to find out more about lease return fees. 

Should I schedule a lease return appointment?

When you're nearing your car's lease maturity date, you can schedule a lease return appointment. We'll set you up with a fully comprehensive auto inspection to see if there are any additional fees that need to be applied, and you can begin discussions about your end-of-lease options.

Lease-return appointments aren't required, but they are strongly encouraged. If you'd rather skip it, visit any of our Miami car dealerships to return your auto lease.

What will I be charged if I end my lease early?

Terminating a car lease early will result in early-termination fees. These charges will vary by your lease agreement, make, model and creditworthiness (at the time of lease). To find your auto lease termination fees, review your contract or speak with your leasing company. You're also more than welcome to contact a specialist at our Miami luxury car dealerships to request an estimate.

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